I've spent thousands of hours developing Album Shaper. If you enjoy using Album Shaper, please send in a donation to show your support!

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I have put thousands of hours into Album Shaper and give it away (source code and documented algorithms included) free of charge. If you appreciate Album Shaper, please consider making a small contribution through Paypal by clicking the button below, or ask for my mailing address so you can send me a token of gratitude that way.

Become a Translator

Album Shaper now supports internationalization, but without a given translation the menu's and buttons will appear in English! Become a translator. The process is easy, and provides instantanious results without compiling a line of code. Click here to learn how to write a translation and let me know when you have one ready to be shipped with the program.

Create a Theme

With Album Shaper 1.0a3 and above all HTML output is completely themeable. That means you can pick what files are created, what their names are and what their contents are. You can create one big coversheet of all your photos in all your subalbums, or you can split them up similarly so the way the Classic and Slick themes do. You could create an online auction theme, create special buttons and other images and backgrounds to be included in your albums. The process is easy and requires 0 lines of C/C++ or compiling. All themes are written in XSLT which is a language for converting XML files into other files (in this case to HTML). Click here to find out how one goes about writing a theme and adding it to Album Shaper. Got a great theme you've been working on? Let me know so we can add it to the themes page and possibly include it in the next release of Album Shaper.

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