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If you would like to help compile Album Shaper for unlisted platforms or create packages for unlisted distributions please contact me! As always, the latest code in CVS can be browsed online using ViewVC.

Compiling from Source

Unlike most open source projects, Album Shaper uses qmake, not autoconf, to generate Makefiles. Qmake is a LOT easier to work with, and since you'll need to have Qt installed anyways qmake will already be on your system. To get started compiling and installing Album Shaper:
1. Unzip the archive tar xzvf albumshaper_2.1_src.[tgz | tar.bz2]
2. Change to the Album Shaper directory cd albumshaper2
3. Create a Makefile to direct the compiling process qmake
4. Compile Album Shaper make

If qmake cannot be found it is likely the QTDIR environment variable has not been set. Likely places Qt may be on your system are /usr/lib/qt or /usr/local/lib/qt. If you run into problems finding one or more libraries (libxslt, libxml2, or libjpeg) edit the Compiling Options section of the AlbumShaper.pro project file. Specifically, turn on manual paths, and specify where the libxslt, libxml2, and libjpeg libraries are on your system.

At this point the AlbumShaper.bin binary has been created in the bin directory. You can run the program from this directory by running the bin/AlbumShaper start script. If you want to install the program so all users on your system can access it follow these steps:

5. Become root su
6. Install Album Shaper system-wide make install

You should now be run Album Shaper by running the AlbumShaper script.

Getting the Bleeding-Edge Code from CVS

Being a GPL's piece of software, Album Shaper source code is always available both in release form and as bleeding-edge code. You can download the latest code from CVS anonymously using the following command:

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@albumshaper.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/albumshaper co albumshaper2

As Album Shaper is gradually moved over to the new Qt4 based Clay architecture, you may be interested in grabbing the Clay code in order to build Reveal, Presenter, and other spinoff projects, and ultimately the next generation Album Shaper in the distant future. In order to grab the Clay source enter this command:

svn co https://albumshaper.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/albumshaper/trunk/clay clay

Additional information regarding compiling Clay projects can be found here.

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