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8/10/2008 Showcase 1.0
A little while ago I stumbled across Ariya Hidayat's little application screenie. I was pretty impressed by the concept, but when I grabbed a copy of the sources and built it on my laptop running OSX I was less than pleased. When I launched the application an instructions dialog with *really* tiny font popped up over the application window. The application provided controls for just about everything I could want to do but the way in which they were laid out meant they took up more screen real estate than the actual visualization. Most importantly, the application was a pain to interact with. I wanted to grab onto the images and drag them around, or change the number of images and get some decent presets. For a concept application screenie was amazing, but for actually using it screenie was a royal pain. Since I havn't done any open source work in a really long time, and I wanted to make some snazzying marketing material like what screenie was capable of, I thought I might take a quick look at the code and see if I could improve it. Some how a few minutes turned into a few weekends and in the end I developed Showcase. Showcase basically does what screenie does, but, I hope, it does a better job of getting out of your way. There are too many changes, enhancements, and new functionality to list here so if you're interested see here. Anyways, I hope someone else finds this useful.

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