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Below is the release plan for Album Shaper. Of course this list is never complete, features may be added during development cycles. Items in red have yet to be completed, those in yellow are in progress, those in green have been completed. Once all the features for a planned release are completed it will be placed online in packaged/compiled form.



Release Date


User interface

Loading / Saving from XML

HTML export

MD5 comparison's for fast loading

Rotation and flipping image manipulations.

April 3rd, 2003


Standardize installation location and allow program to be run without installing (?)

Change album.html to point to slideshow version of subalbums if javascript available, thumbnail node if not. Only provide link to slideshow mode from thubnail mode if javascript available.

Speed up exporting albums for the first time to copy files from one partition to destination partition, rather than load up QImage object and save out to jpg all over again. This only affects users who save their albums on a different partition/drive than their home directory on their system (where temporary files are placed).

Fullscreen/larger viewing of individual images within program

Other image manipulations (cropping, inverting)

Photo descriptions set to image names when imported

Windows Support

Bug fixes

Multiple-photo drag-n-drop rearrangement within subalbums. Bug fixes

June 10th, 2003


XSLT themable html output. HTML will be generated by user written XSLT themes, allowing complately variable output.

Improve about box

Help System/Tutorial

Album statistics window

Internationalization support


Speed up loading large albums

Bug fixes

October 17th, 2003


Other image manipulations (red-eye reduction, auto-levels)

Directory import (photos which are already organized by subdirectory)

Bug fixes



Utilize some camera library like libgphoto to obtain photos directly from digital cameras

CD Burning Support


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