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I've spent thousands of hours developing Album Shaper. If you enjoy using Album Shaper, please send in a donation to show your support!

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Album Shaper 2 Visual Tour

Album Shaper 2 provides a completely rewritten editing interface that includes a number of powerful photo enhancement features. What better way to become familiar with these than a guided tour! Click any image to see a feature in action.

(movies are encoded using the Sorenson codec and require a Quicktime plugin to be played)

Annotating Photos

Album Shaper provides possibly the easiest way to annotate your photos. To add a photo description, simply click the info button and watch your photo grow in place and provide a place to enter or short or long description. When you're done just click off the photo. Power users will enjoy driving this entire process using Home, Esc, ←, →, ↑ and ↓ keys.


At the heart of Album Shaper 2's editing enhancements is a completely rewritten selection system. You can now select regions of the image using common aspect ratios or your display resolution. Selections can be dragged around, scaled in place, and rotated about their centers. You can drag any selection edge or corner too. If you want to crop the image, just select what you want and click the crop button.

Correcting Tilt

The new correct tilt feature helps straighten your photos in a snap. Album Shaper doesn't need you to carefully tell it how much to rotate your photo by dragging a slider or, heaven forbid, typing in the number of degrees. Instead, just identify what should have been a vertical or horizontal edge and you're done.

Histogram Editing, Brightness, and Contrast

While Album Shaper provides a number of automatic image fixing tools such as color and contrast correction and red-eye reduction, sometimes it is necessary to directly edit the image histogram. Using Album Shaper's novel "split-view" interface, you can quickly enhance your images and see the results side by side with the original form in real time.

Image Previews

It is pretty common to have a directory full of files that have similar names. Now you can pick out the ones you want before you add them using the new file preview functionality. In addition seeing what photos look like, you'll the image resolution, type, and size.


Why are help systems so difficult to use, and so big it is easy to get lost in them? Album Shaper provides an internationalizable compact help system that makes is blatantly obvious where you are as you navigate within it.

Copyright © 2003-2005 Will Stokes