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I've spent thousands of hours developing Album Shaper. If you enjoy using Album Shaper, please send in a donation to show your support!

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Future Plans

Difficult Features / Enhancements:

Ongoing EXIF / IPTC support (including auto rotation of images on import, and extracting photo descriptions from the comment field tag). (Check out exifiron)
Use KDE Native file dialogs and Roll my own file dialogs (for other OS's) (add photos / export / save ) or make better use of native file dialogs and button icons. Benno may have advice/expertiece here.
Import from cameras
Must Have Full screen slideshows
Export CD/DVD slide shows
Backup to CDR/DVDR
Accelerate display/effects using openGL and/or CoreImage
Must Have Sophisticated printing system
Must Have Email support
Switch over to photo library approach, support other file types (movies, pdf's, etc), and support having instances of photos in many collections albums, that can share comments
Make slideshow + thumbnail image resolutions theme specific
Panorama construction tool
Add reeditable calender construction tool
Add reeditable card (ie greeting card + text overlays) tool
Must Have Additional artistic manipulations (woven photograph, Van Gogh painting effect (a la stary night), pointillism (Seurat), charcoal, water color)
Intentions - imply where photos will go if dropped, also for rearranging collections
Integrated spellchecker (see aspell)
Additional file formats? (see freeimage)
Make dragging and dropping images within very large collections easier, perhaps with cut, copy + paste
Dynamic tone mapper

Moderate Features / Enhancements:

DigiKam/iPhoto/etc Import/Export
Must Have Folder import
Must Have Easy theme installation / removal
Ftp/sftp posting within program
Drag-n-drop between albums
Switch to non-padded slideshow images
Allow users to delete photos within the editing interface
Hover tooltips show entire description for photos whose descriptions are clipped
Mid-level tool in histrogram editor

Simple Features / Enhancements:

Fix Immediately Instead of blocking user input when loading ablums use modal dialog.
Must Have Better save warning, use "Save changes before XXXX" and "Don't Save", 'Cancel", and (default selected) "Save..." buttons
Must Have Exapand photo, then click another collection and program crashes!
Must Have Some German users (both Win2k and WinXP) can't get the German translation to be used. New I18N work may have fixed this since problem may involve country code.
Must Have Some users can't seem to export web galleries that properly encode accented characters (like 'enye'). I can't reproduce this problem under OSX or Win2k just yet. it appears others their brwoser does not detect the utf-8 encoding automatically. look into how meta tag for encoding is being written at all!
Must Have Properly translate Ctrl, Home, End, Shift, Del, and Print keys thoughout program, (mainly help system)
Add option for resizing images when exporting
Add keybindings for moving photos around with collections, possibly even between collections. Ths is easyfor the trivial case (Ctrl + ← / →), but handling discontinious selections correctly will be tricky.
Add support for displaying a photos original file name
Support passing in path to Album.xml from command line when starting program to autoload a particular album.

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