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I've spent thousands of hours developing Album Shaper. If you enjoy using Album Shaper, please send in a donation to show your support!

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Upcoming Improvements

Major Features:
  • New Sketch manipulation
  • Installing translations no longer requires administrator access
  • Installing themes no longer requires administrator access
  • Auto theme updates
  • Auto translation updates
  • Various optimations make working large albums (tens of thousands of photos) mangable. Loading small albums is much faster now too.
Minor Features:
  • Switched to pastels in histogram interface which are easier on the eyes
  • Default translation can be forced using new misc/defaultLocale setting
  • Added elipses (...) to Album Statistics and Settings menu entries
  • Sped up switching between collections, especially when switching out of large colletions.
Bug Fixes:
  • Unbroke software updates notification feature (accidentally broken in 2.0 and 2.1)
  • Application binary and launcher script now follow lowercase Linuxc/FreeBSD standard
  • Fixed annoying glitch where clicking within help pages caused the page to scroll

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